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Krack Movie : Krack in another controversy, Director Gopichand in a hurry, Even if it is a super hit

No matter how many controversies there are regarding the movie .. there is a talk in the industry that everything will disappear if it hits. However, this is not the case with the Ravi Teja Krack movie. The film was a super hit and stood out in the wallpaper ring and did well. Above all, if a good movie comes out .. Krack Movie proves that audiences are ready to come to the theater regardless of Corona. 

However, the release of the film was delayed due to financial disputes between the producer and the distributors. With this, news came that the hero Ravi Teja was angry with the filmmaker’s attitude and told him to see the film audience come forward soon. Somehow the film came to the forefront of the audience. Seemed super hit. Ready for release on OTT as well. But so far .. the film is not leaving controversy. Recently, filmmaker Tagore Madhu was embroiled in another controversy.

Krack director Gopichand Malineni’s complaint to the Telugu Film Directors Association that Tagore Madhu did not pay his balance remuneration for the film has become a hot topic in Tollywood. Director Gopichand Malineni has asked the Telugu Film Directors Association to take action on this and see to it that he gets the balance remuneration he deserves.

It seems that the Directors’ Association has taken action against Gopichand Malineni. News is coming that the Telugu Film Directors Association is planning to put a full stop to this controversy as soon as possible

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