Ownership & Funding Information

Khabar Arena Media And Network Private Limited (referred to as “Khabar Satta,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) strongly values transparency in all aspects of its operations. With this Ownership and Funding Disclosure, we aim to provide you with information about our ownership structure and funding sources.


Khabar Satta is part of Khabar Arena Media And Network Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, was co-founded in 2020 by Mr. Shubham Sharma. Our registered office is in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Revenue Model

Our revenue model is based on being self-sustained and bootstrapped, relying on online advertisements and sponsored articles. Additionally, we actively seek grants to support our journalism efforts.

Operative Principles:

  1. We disclose any potential conflicts of interest alongside the published work on the same page.
  2. We display only socially relevant advertisements and clearly label them as “Sponsored” to distinguish them from regular articles on Our Website, following our Sponsored Content Policy.
  3. We strictly adhere to a policy of not accepting funds from political parties or leaders, as outlined in Our Non-Partisanship Policy.

Khabar Satta , is a registered News Portal by the laws of INDIA

Our full registered address is 18/236, Tilak Ward Seoni Madhya Pradesh Pin Code 480661

The Editor- In- Chief of the Khabar Satta is Shubham SHarma

Khabar Satta is the owner of the Facebook Page Khabar Satta, The Twitter account Khabar Satta and the YouTube Channel khabar Satta.

Khabar Satta is the sole owner of the lists of signed up Unity News Subscribers of both Facebook chat subscribers and registered e-mail subscribers.

We utilise a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website and on YouTube.

We comply fully with the company laws of INDIAand as such full accounting procedures are in place. We also comply fully with GDPR laws on data privacy and are open and transparent about any data we hold.If you have any questions related to the above please e-mail us on khabarsatta1@gmail.com